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Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities: The Report

I know I am late, but I needed to have some 'free' time to fully engage with the recently published Race and Ethnic Disparities Report . There is little I can add to what has already  been said, and I tried (with variable success) to keep away from Twitter as I wanted to read the report before reading my social network bubble comments on it, but I got few emails, and other direct messages of disappointed people reading the report. Of course, there were some hilarious takes of the report too! ( see here :D :D ) However, it is important that everybody plays a part in calling out all the flaws in this report from every single possible angle, as the implementation of the recommendations, and the acceptance of the main conclusions of this report can potentially vanish many of the efforts in fighting discrimination in the UK. There are five main points I would like to call out in this report, that I consider to be problematic. 1. The language  From the report p. 8 This paragraph arg

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