I teach the following modules at Warwick:

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I also supervise MSc students and Final Year UG students' projects (RAE) based on topics related to:
  • The curse of natural resources
  • The relationship between institutions and inequality
  • The effects of 'fair trade' policies on producer communities
  • Human Rights and Macroeconomics
  • Topics on teaching economics in Higher Education
You are welcome to come during my office hours to talk about your research interest on any of these topics before making your decision on your RAE group or your dissertation topic

Are you one of my students (or an Economics student)? Follow the label 'econ students'

Other Teaching

I also run  GTA Teaching Training Workshops for economists in the UK and collaborate in the Training Workshop for Early Career Academics (with the Economics Network). 
If you are interested in running one of these workshops in your university, let us know. 

Teaching & COVID-19

On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19, a type of coronavirus, a pandemic. This will affect all the spheres of our lives at any level, including how we interact with each other.

Universities have been forced to act fast in order to keep delivering teaching and assessments. This is arguably one of the most significant changes since the WWII for universities, and will have a strong impact on so many of academics who now have to familiarise with new ways to deliver lectures, assess students and in general with a set of technologies that may be new for many of us. 

Many are currently organising/setting up ways to offer support. I collect some basic resources that may help to start dealing with these new challenges. These are mainly focused on supporting Economics lecturers, but can be more general too.

Online Seminars on Teaching & Learning: #EconTEAching Chat

As organiser of the Warwick Economics Teaching & Learning, I have teamed up with CTaLE (UCL) to move our respective seminar series online. We bring the guests, you bring your favourite drink, and together we talk about Economics teaching!
While many topics are about the current scenario, there are also talks on more general issues. See the full list of speakers and register to attend here.

Other Seminars/Conferences on Economics Education

  • Economics Network Virtual Symposium. At the Economics Network, we are organising a virtual symposium on online teaching and learning over a series of Mondays in June 2020. There will be live sessions, as well as discussion boards and resources, on four themes: Engaging Students and Academics with Online Learning, Teaching with Data Online, Teaching with Excel Online, and Remote Assessment. 
  • #TeachECONference CTaLE (UCL) and Cornell University are organising a virtual conference on Economics Education. This conference offers the opportunity to discuss the challenges of moving teaching online and the increasingly important areas of employability, inclusivity and student engagement. 

Online teaching material in Economics

Teaching related

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