Stefania Paredes Fuentes
Associate Professor at University of Warwick
Exec Board Member of the Economics Network
Diversity Champion & Exec Board Member Royal Economic Society
Senior Fellow HEA

email: s.paredes-fuentes@warwick.ac.uk
tel: +44 (0) 24 761 50045
twitter: @steffie_pf

I am an experienced Economics educator, interested in research that improves students' engagement with Economics. I have various national roles and recognitions. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Senior Associate and member of the Exec Board of the  Economics Network. I am also Diversity Champion for the Royal Economic Society (and member of the Executive board). In 2021 I received a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence for my work supporting students through the pandemic.

I am currently working on a book "Teaching Macroeconomics: A Modern and Inclusive Approach" as part of the Elgar Guides to Teaching from Edward Elgar Publisher. The aim of the book is to offer pedagogical tools and methodologies on how to update syllabus and assessment methods to make Macroeconomics more engaging and foster diversity. If you have an idea and want to contribute, contact me!

Recently, I have been involved in projects on widening participation and increasing diversity in Economics. I am currently working on "Who Studies Economics?", a report that analyses the socio-economic background of UK undergraduate students and how these factors intersect with other demographic variables previously studied. 

In January 2020,  the first "Women in Economics: Student Workshop" was hosted at Warwick and organised under my coordination and a group of students. You can read the lessons from this workshop, with 7 clear action points to make the discipline more inclusive here. This was part of Warwick Economics department's Athena Swan submission (Bronze Award received in 2022). 

As part of my commitment on improving teaching practice in Economics and make the discipline more accessible and attract greater diversity, I deliver various talks and participate in workshops and conferences, both teaching- and research-focused. My recent talks are listed here

I am currently working on various projects on Economics Education and I have received funding for two of my projects. For the work "How do we learn Economics from videos" we received a RES grant of £10,000. This project aims to understand how videos help students to understand complex economics concepts, and whether different demographics are affected in different ways. In May 2022, I also received £6,000 to work on "A Guide to Decolonise Social Sciences". 

At Warwick, I led the introduction of the CORE curriculum for students in joint degree courses with Economics, I also led the update of the Macroeconomics curriculum for single honours Economics. 

As former Fellow of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy, I am member of various learning circles and currently co-facilitator of the Anti-Racist Pedagogy Forum at Warwick. 

Finally, I am very bad a keeping up with my 'blog'. Life gets in the way and I end up having lots of blog drafts, but never publish them. In academia, we have two 'New Years' the one in which we all celebrate in public squares singing and dancing with friends or with families eating a delicious meal, and the new academic year around September (dates vary from university to university). So we have the chance to have 'New Year resolutions' for both. One of my new academic year resolutions is to write more. Let's see!