Recent talks: 

  • Inclusive Assessments in Economics: It Works! (22 November 2022)
    Southern Economic Association, 92th Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale (FL), US

  • Teaching Macroeconomics in Modern Times  (11 November 2022)
    Queen Mary University, School of Economics and Finance,  First International Conference in Education and Scholarship 

  • Who Studies Economics? An Analysis of the Pipeline (19 October 2022)
    University of Nottingham, Department of Economics Seminar Series

  • An Inclusive Curriculum: Where to Start? (20 September 2022)
    City, University of London 

  • Creating Inclusive Assessments for Large Cohorts (28 June 2022)
    Warwick Education Conference (in person)

  • Who Studies Economics? (10 May 2022)
    University of Geneva, Department of Economics Seminar Series (in person)

  • "Who Studies Economics? An Analysis of the Economics Pipeline" (12 Apr 2022)
    Chair, Special Session Royal Economic Society Conference 2022
    Full report will be available by end 2022/early 2023

  • Inclusive Assessments in Economics: Empirical Evidence (6 Feb 2022) 
    Queen Mary University, Department of Economics Seminar Series
    (see slides)

  • "Diversity in Economics: Impact on Policy Making" (19 Jan 2022)
    Big Picture Seminar University of Greenwich Business School
    (see slides)

  • "Impact of Changes of Assessments in Economics" (10 Nov 2021)
    Royal Holloway University, Department of Economics Education Seminar Series 
    (see slides)

  • "Why Diversity Matters for Economics?" (4 Nov 2021)
    Warwick Women in Economics - Student Society, University of Warwick
    (see slides)

  • "The Future of Assessments: Lessons from the Pandemic" (29 Oct 2021)
    AUDEO Foundation's First Annual Seminar "New Approaches and Challenges for University Education"
    (see slides)

  • "Diversity in Economics: Let's work on this!" (6 Oct 2021)
    Women in Economics Research Community
    (see slides)

  • Speaker at the Roundtable "Reteaching Economics in times of COVID-19" (18 Sep 2021)
    2021 IIPPE Annual Conference 'The Pandemic and the Future of Capitalism"
    (see slides)
  • Assessments for Engagement: Fostering Learning Communities through Assessments (July 2021) 
    Assessment Torch Bearer for the Advanced Higher Education 
    (see video)
    Follow the initiative on #advanceHEtorchrelay

  • Lessons Learnt from Teaching in a Pandemic (June 2021)
    Chair Synchronous session #TeachECONference
    Description of the session 
    (see video)
  • Why Inclusive Education Matters? Focus on Assessments (June 2021) 
    Keynote speaker for the "Continual Professional Development Staff Event, University of Warwick" 
    (see slides

  • Hacia una formación incluyente e diversa de Economistas (May 2021) 
    Towards an inclusive and diverse education of economists
    Lecture for the Seminar in Gender and Economics, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia (see slides)
    (see session recording - in Spanish)

  • Diversity in Economics: The Role of the RES (April 2021)
    Speaker at the Royal Economic Society Annual Conference on the Special Session Diversity in Economics 
    (see slides)
    (full session available here

  • Diversity in Economics Teaching and Learning (April 2021)
    Moderator. Royal Economic Society Annual Conference
    (see slides)
    (full session available here
  • Creating Inclusive Assessments in Economics (March 2021)*
    Presentations at the Queen Mary's Education Conference (see slides)
    School of Economics & Finance QMUL (see slides

  • Decolonising Assessments (January 2021) 
    Education Committee Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Warwick
    (see slides)

  • Teaching Economics during a Pandemic: Lessons for the Future (December 2020)
    Keynote Speaker on "Teaching Economics" at the Spanish Economic Association Annual Conference
    (see slides)

  • Teaching Economics during a Pandemic: Lessons for the Future (December 2020)
    Guest Speaker
    Facultad de Economía, Universidad de San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador

  • Assessments in the Brave New World (June 2020)
    Keynote Speaker, Plenary Session: Adaptable Teaching in a post-COVID World
    #TeachECONference oganised by the Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics (UCL) and Cornell University
    (see slides) 
    (full session available here)

  • We Want Feedback! My Experience (December 2019)
    Presentation at Loughborough University
    (see slides)