Thank you!

I finally submitted my PhD thesis (actually couple of months ago now!). I did include an acknowledgements section that I am going to share here. (I do not think many people will actually read my thesis!!!!).

So here it is:

Reading through various theses' acknowledgements, I should start with "this thesis would not have been possible without the support of ... (mention various people here)". Well, I am not sure about this.
This thesis is the end of my journey in obtaining my Ph.D and I have met many people through this journey. Very likely I would have written this thesis even if I did not meet all of them. However, all these people made this journey a very enjoyable one, and I need to say thanks for this.

I will start by expressing my sincere gratitude to my supervisor Prof. Shaun Hargreaves-Heap. Shaun provided the necessary advice for me to proceed through my research while allowing me to develop my ideas in an independent way. Shaun is not only a good supervisor, but he is a good mentor. Whenever I needed help with any other matter (teaching, tutoring, reference letters!), he was never to busy to help. The good advice and support of my second supervisor Prof. Peter Mo ffatt is also appreciated and I am grateful to Peter. In general, I feel very fortunate with my supervisory team. They both were very normal and human, qualities that make the life of any Ph.D student much more pleasant.

My work has certainly benefited  from the comments and suggestions received in different presentations at various conferences, but also from listening other presenters. I am very grateful for the nice discussions and interesting debates. These conferences have been source of friendships, but also of motivation for continuing with my research.
The whole experience at UEA could not have been easier without Gina Neff . Gina was one of the fi rst friendly faces to greet me when I began my postgraduate studies at the School of Economics at UEA and she has been a tremendous help no matter the task or circumstance. I would also like to thank Shiona Brereton for the nice chats and her kind availability.

During my whole experience at UEA, I have met several people. Many of these have become very good friends. With them, I have shared all the joys of my university life but also those moments of academic despair! I owe a huge thank you to many of them. In Stefania Sitzia I found one of those friendships that one hopes it lasts forever. I need to say thanks to Stefania for the long chats, good company, refreshing beers, and for providing me a place where to stay in Norwich after I moved to London. Thank

I have shared my working space with many people in the last four years. My colleagues have made this place a very enjoyable one and I have very good memories of my time spent in the PGR suite. I would like to thank Bahar Ghezelayagh. With Bahar we started the PhD programme together and we found support on each other. We shared many common experiences and we are both at the end of this adventure now, but surely we will find time to meet again. All my colleagues in general deserve recognition for several reasons. They have been source of good chats, we have organised nice things together (badminton games, pub quizzes, circuit training, pub time, and more!) and we had good fun. They also contributed to the failure of my plans of losing weight! We were never short of freshly baked cakes, cookies, but also chocolates and sweets in general. I am going to miss all those treats. Thank you Emanuela, James, Matt, Mike, Jenny, Shawky, Prishnee, Richard, Bing (I apologise if I forget any of them but I am really grateful for the time spent together).

Even if I enjoyed the time at university, a huge thank you goes to my non-academic friends. They make me keep contact with the real world! Annie Vincens deserves a huge recognition. Annie is one of the most patient person one can meet. She is still our friend even if many times she ends up listening endless conversations about research and academia (and meaning of life!). In general, I would like to thank all my Norwich friends (including Thomas, even if he does not bake cakes any more and loves China
more than Norwich).

My academic experience in UK would not be possible without the guidance and support of the academic staff at the University of Genoa. I owe my most sincere gratitude to Isabella Consigliere. I appreciate her guidance and encouragement to pursue this career. I am also deeply grateful to Riccardo Soliani. Riccardo has always offered his unconditional friendship and support in the last years.

My Italian friends deserve special mention for the emotional support and caring they provided. Andrea Salazzaro, Stefano Alderighi, Elisa Mazza, Dario Grosso, Stefania Speziari, Elena Gualco, thank you all! Thank you Stefano for the long chats about PhD life and life outside PhD. Special thank you to Andrea (and Carmelo!) for offering me their unconditional friendship and support during my period in London. For organising nice days out for me and trying to cheer me up in those days when everything seemed a bit dark.

I thank all those people that in a way or another have become part of my life and despite the distance they always have a smile and some good words to share with me. They are the family I left behind when I started my European adventure. All my gratitude to Jorge Bajana, Nathaly Arias, Diana Arriaga and their respective families.

Sometimes saying thank you is not enough. Some people deserve more, but our achievements are enough to make them happy. A special thanks to Gino Cola. Gino's unconditional friendship has helped me to become a better person. I am going to be indebted with him for the rest of my life.

Most importantly, I would like to thank my parents for their patience and encouragement at all the stages in my life. My mum is the person that has inspired me the most in my life. She is so proud of me, but I would have done very little without her. My dad is a source of encouraging thoughts. Zury and Isabel have a special place in my life, and they take advantage of this sometimes! but they are always ready to celebrate
my achievements.

Finally I want to thank the person who has shared the most signi cant (and insignificant!) moments of my life in the last three years (I know you are reading this, and you know I have not forgotten about you). Tim has learnt about Latin America, about colonisation, he knows my literature and many of the problems I encountered while carrying out my research. He has sat down with me and tried to solve my econometric
puzzles. He has patiently spent some breakfast (and lunch and dinner) time listening about the fundamental problems of Latin America. I have tried to compensate learning something about switching costs (and more recently about competition in the health sector) but I know I can talk more than him, and I can definitely talk without stopping about my research! Thank you darling!

Thank you all!